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Becoming an ebay seller ITS ON!


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Ok I just applied for a new debit account, once thats through I'll put a bit of cash in there and open up on fleabay.

I have some pretty soild ideas as to what to sell.

I can pretty much source cheap and sell.


I can buy for between £2-£7 then will sell for around 10 to 20.


This is good because it keeps any margins for loss low at all times.

I've been watching the right stuff, and researching the right stuff and I'm faily confident I could do something this time.


Anyway, have any of you guys noticed this insane 180 days "item not as described" thing?

I read it used to be 45 days but now its taken a satanic leap which basically means:


You sell an Iphone for 200 it costs you 100.

Dipshit mother-fucker at the other end decides to claim his cash back on day 179, fleabay sucks the cash from your account, THEN you have to pay for the return and it will probably come back fucked up and used to shit.


Is it only me who sees this HUGE margin for douchbaggery?


This is why its best to buy and sell fairly cheap right?

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Bad plan...


If you think that ebay is going to make you a fortune I have some Bridges to sell you or even some space on the moon.


I'd be happy with a few hundred quid extra a month.


Tell me what you know.

Have you gone at it before?

And what Items did you focus on?


It has to be worth a try when the only risk is 80 to 100 bucks.

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You have to very business savvy to make big profits on eBay, you're better off making let's-plays on YouTube


Would that convert the hits in to cash and if so, how does that work?


Im not trying to make it big on ebay but what I do want to aim for is an inventory between 100 to 200 items listed at anyone time.

I can get these items for 1-4 quid, as long as I profit £6.50p on each item or insert random number on top, then thats the cycle.


My maths skills are basic and shit, but I know if I keep to that golden rule im making profit.

I know what i have to do to stand apart from the rest, i know exactly were my items are coming from and they will be cheap.

I know how to list my items in the best way to reduce returns to a minimum.


Of course there will be mistakes, but im fooling around with such low capital (60-300) and that money is been given to me without even working for it, its got to be worth a ding dong.


The bit thats messing with my head is im learning from Americans and they obviously use the $, making 20 bucks in america is making £13 here.




I mean look at how this guy lists this shirt.

I could get that shirt for 2 quid, two fucking bucks!


His pictures are not clear, detailed or eye catching.

Id sell that fucker for 10 quid profit.

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