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Final Burn Legends Unofficial (new update)


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fbl unofficial
by gamezfan

FBL Unofficial Release

Added Support for the following games

The Gladiator Road Of The Sword
SVG Spectral Vs Generation
Puzzli 2
Puzzli 2 Super

The Following games are now using hacked Roms so they will boot and play on
standard xbox consoles

DD Crew (World 2 Player Version)
DD Crew (World 3 Player Version)
DD Crew (Japan 2 Player Version)
DD Crew (USA 4 Player Version)
Desert Breaker (World Version)
Desert Breaker (Japan Version)
Laser Ghost (World version)
Laser Ghost (USA version)
Clutch Hitter (World version)
Clutch Hitter (Japan version)

Updated the namco sound src files adding full Music and FX to....
Metro Cross
New-Rally X
Sky Kid
Dragon Buster
Plus a few other Namco games

Added a new VMM routine for Penguin Bros Game now playable in FBL again

The hacked games above require special hacked roms to play them on a standard xbox
these roms are available from my FTP folder




This build is just a small Unofficial update to FBL v1.12 optimized the romset for v1.12 will be good
for this Emulator updated the Rom Dat Files and added marquess for all the new games

Please Note the only way to play DD Crew Desert Breakers Clutch Hitter and Laser Ghost
on a standard xbox is by using the Special Hacked Roms

A full reinstall is always recommended plus remember to rebuild your gamelist

ive created marquees for the new playable games plus gathered up some more for DD Crew etc
and included them in the Build i dont have the tools to hand to create videos though so you'll
need to do that yourselfs

New Dat files also included

link for fbl unofficial

link for rompack (pacland roms included)

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if you are playing final burn legends in 720p through hd component cable,then for dessert breakers and spectral vs generation you will have to set final burn legends to 480i/p.

because 720p uses a lot of memory and those 2 games will give you an out of memory error message.

you can play the rest of the games in 720p hd just fine.

like i said this is just for people who use the hd component cable.

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