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DesmumeX v0.5 (new ds emu update)


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DesmumeX v0.5,nintendo ds emu for xbox.

by hcf



What is this?
DesmumeX is a Nintendo DS emulator for Xbox. It is based on the version 0.9 of Desmume, plus the port DSONPSP of Yoshihiro, and some specific changes for Xbox. Besides, lots of things related to 3D functionality have been gathered from version 0.9.2, and the dynamic recompiler has been taken from the 0.9.10 version.

Please, don't expect a good emulation in many of your roms. This emulator is still not fully optimized. Anyways, this version can play some games quite well.

IMPORTANT: To toggle between the different display modes, press the BLACK BUTTON (read the "Controls" section for more information). If all the action happens in only one screen, you will feel a much better experience if you choose to show only that screen at full resolution icon_e_smile.gif

Only uncompressed roms are supported.


what is new

DesmumeX v0.5 is a huge improvement over the previous version. These are the most important changes:

1) There is no size limit now!! We can load roms of every size, even if they are bigger than the RAM memory of the Xbox. I have tried to play a Professor Layton game (it was bigger than 64 MB) and it worked (although slow).

2) A dynamic recompiler has been included. Around 75% of the dynamic recompiler has been ported, and this gives the emulator a noticeable boost. Most of the games are still not full-speed, but they work much faster than in the previous version. Anyways, this emulator should work even faster whenever the rest of the dynamic recompiler is ported, and the rest of the optimizations are applied.

3) You can toggle ON and OFF the 3D functionality during the gameplay, in the config menu: this can be usefull in a few games that need 3D enabled in certain points of the game, but in the rest of the game we can disable it to make things a bit faster (Contra 4 is an example). Also, the dynamic recompiler can be enabled and disabled during the gameplay: it should be allways ENABLED to make things faster, but once I saw a game that was hung in the menu until I disabled the recompiler, so in these situations we can disable the dynarec to be able to continue, and enable it again after that.

4) All the video code has been ported to Direct3D. This makes things a bit faster, and also displays the 2-screen mode stretched at 640x480.

5) The GUI has been improved: roms are now sorted alphabetically (uppercase letters will be before) and also you can move faster by the rom list using the left and right thumbstick (like in every other emulator).

6) When you have selected a configuration for your rom in the GUI, you can press the "Y" button (before starting to play the game). If you do this, the emulator will create a config file for that game (stored in the "cfg" folder). Next time that you play that game, the emulator will "remember" your favorite configuration. This system needs that the folder "cfg" is existing, to be able to create the config files.

7) Some bugs have been fixed, so the compatibility is now higher than in the previous version. It has been fixed that bug that made every game crash after some minutes of gameplay, so now we can play some games during hours icon_e_smile.gif


read the reame for ful release info.


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