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Mameoxtras v1.12.u1 (new update)


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MameoXtras v1.12.u1 Update
by gamezfan

Fixed the sound and music in Raiden Fighters 2

Fixed the sound and music in Raiden Fighters 2 Single Board Version
Raiden Fighters 1 Single Board Version Now Playable
Added New Cheats For All the Raiden Fighters games plus Viper Phase 1


src included
As usual mind and delete your save before booting this up i decided to save you alotta
setup hastles and included everything you need in a Full Build the single board versions
i reakon play a little quicker?? see what you think yourselfs
oh here's the rom names if your not sure........
Raiden Fighters single board = rdfts.zip
Raiden Fighters 2 single board = rdft2us.zip
Raiden Fighters Jet single board = rfjetus.zip
link (roms included in download)
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