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MAMEoXtras v1.12 (new update)


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MAMEoXtras v1.12
by gamezfan

code which contains major graphical and sound enhancements for the seibu driver

code which at last allows you to play every Raiden Fighters game 1 2 jet etc
plus Viper Phase 1 and Battle Balls
the graphical fixes for all games in the ssv driver
the code which makes Planet Probe playable

All games in the seibu driver eg Raiden Fighters etc now have full graphical effects and Sound

All games in the ssv driver eg Storm Blade now have fixed graphics and run at the correct speed
Added TLCS90 CPU Core and TMP90841 CPU Sound Core
Raiden Fighters (Now Playable)
Raiden Fighters 2 (Now Playable)
Raiden Fighters jet (Now Playable)
Raiden Fighters 1 2 Jet Single Board Versions (Now Playable)
Viper Phase 1 (Now Playable)
Battle Balls (Now Playable)
Rapid Hero (Now Has Full Sound)
Pop Bingo (Now Playable)
Planet Probe (Now Playable)
Dyna Gear slowdown issues fixed

Please Note the Rock' N games take a little while to load they hang on a black screen

for around maybe 10 secs while the game Boots up in the background
Added New Cheats for the Raiden Fighters games loads more cheat options now
1 link download and mirrorinks(234mb)
new roms also included in the download
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