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XDuke v1.0


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xDuke v1.0
by a600

This port is based on JFDuke3D and it was possible thanks to the SDLx libs by Lantus, Jonof and Mephisto. Copy duke3d.grp, defs.con, game.con, user.con to the folder where you installed xDuke. This port supports HDTV modes but it you want to use the 720p mode, you must run the default720.xbe or rename it to default.xbe.

1 link download and mirrorlink
the full game is included in the download,you can add duke nukem mods to this as well.
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Here I have duke nukem 3d or xduke for xbox, for those who don't know, its a pc port of duke nukem to the xbox, this particular pack I have uploaded contains many mods/total conversions I have added to the existing list. many of these mods work as I have fully tested them, whereas others may not, but with a little tweaking of the .CON files i'm sure that most if not all will work, It has taken me a while to get these to work, this pack is just a spec on what could possibly be a larger pack, as I have many GRP files that I am testing and configuring,
This pack comes in a .rar extension so just extract to which ever directory you wish, then just FTP the contents to your xbox, I have mine on drive F:\ (e.g) F:\Homebrew\Duke Nukem 3D\) lauch the game with default.xbe or 720 if you have HDTV.
The mods/ total conversions in this pack include:
Last reaction and water bases
lost highway
imagination world total conversion
incubation alien apocalypse
jj duke nukem 3d
mercenaries 2
redrum: the shining 2
Secrets of the arcropolis
American assault
The asteroid
The brave new world
Grins of divinity episode 1
Final battle
Desert storm
doom 2 for duke nukem 3d
Duke nukem : Terminator
Duke it out in NY
Duke on Hell
Duke Los Angeles
Duke Tournament Total conversion
duke nukem 3d Indy Tour
Brute force alaskian dawn
Black Bag Ops
Duke meets doom
These are but a few of what I have got to work, like i mentioned, i am trying to add more custom conversions with the GRP files I have, but it would be of much help if anyone can get some more to work as i want to continue to add a whole lot more! and share the progress.
To edit the wads / TC's simply edit the "wads.cfg" file in the duke directory, with notepad, find or download GRP's from google, there are quite a few duke nukem 3d total conversion websites out there still, then simply extract the contents of a mod, put the GRP file into this directory, put it with a corresponding .CON file and add it to "wads.cfg" like I have. if a mod doesnt work try other .CON files and/or edit the line until it works.
I am no expert at this but with a little bit of research and messing around I am having fun finding out which ones work and which ones dont. Although from what I have heard all of what can be found on the internet will work with a little bit of tweaking of the .CON files.
1 link download and mirrorlinks (248mb)
unrar with 7zip.
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