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CoinOPS 6 R2 (new update)


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CoinOPS 6 R2 Released
Added Forgotten Worlds Robotron Control Version (oh yeah baby)
Added Caliabr 50 Robotron Control Version
Added Heavy Barrel Joystick version
Added TNKIII Joystick version
Added Fire Shark Sound (oh yeah baby)
Added Vimana Sound (oh yeah baby)
Added Ghox Sound(oh yeah baby)
Added Joystick Version of Ghox and Sound
Added Taki Paki Sound
Added Same! Same! Same! Sound
Rabbit Now Playable
Sengeki Strikers Now Playable
Updated Virtual Racer so its kind of playable now
Xevious 3D/G Now Playable
Dancing Eyes Now Playable
Party time II now playable
Final Lap 2 Now Playable
Final Lap 3 Now Playable
Tattoo Assaigns unplayble graphics Now Fixed and Playable
Title Fight Now Playable
Slip Stream Now Playable
Suzuka 8 Hours Now Playable
Added PSX arcade drivers and added speed hack
Updated Samples
Improved Sample Core
Improved CHD core
Big time controller updates...and the remaining Toaplan classics that didnt have sound now do....
OK guys alot of big titles here....and custom work with no code to make all this happen but im learning new skills...please note some of the games will require speed hacks...and to use cutom robotron controllers you mostly need to not have the right stick pressed in a direction when the player is initialising...eg starting a life or level....enjoy alot of cool stuff and lots of exclusive big name stuff to go with the other exclusive big name stuff....
5 link download
password = http://coinopsproject.freeforums.org/
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