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Virtual JaguarX v0.99
by hcf.

This is a new version of Virtual JaguarX, the Atari Jaguar emulator for Xbox.

Changes in the emulator core

* Small speed improvement, removing redundant checks

* Audio quality has been improved in several games, like Worms, Double Dragon 5, Evolution - Dino Dudes and some more.

* Applied patches from later cores, mainly related to GPU, DSP and Object Processor. This fixed some games like Attack of the Mutant Penguins, Fever Pitch Soccer, Cybermorph, Checkered Flag, and several PD games like Gorf 2000 or Duckie Egg.

* Added the possibility to run the games with the newer blitter(slower, but more compatible). This makes possible to play games like Total Carnage or Theme Park.

* Added the possibility to run the games with the newer DSP (slower, but more compatible). This makes possible to play games like Ultra Vortek, Ultra Vortex Beta, and play with sound some games that worked silently in previous versions.

* Improved the management of the joystick in the GUI. Now, if the joystick is locked, you can unplug and replug it, and it will run again (without resetting the console, like in the past version).This fix must be done in the gameplay too, in later versions.

* Several little bugs fixed

Please, keep in mind that the emulation is still far from being perfect in many games.


Roms MUST be placed in the "roms" directory. Lots of formats are valid, even zipped roms (if you have troubles with a zip, read the final part of this description). Furthermore: be sure that the "roms" directory contains at least one rom, or the emulator will crash.

Besides, keep in mind that this version of the emulator can only work from hard disk.Also, if you have a Trusty Xbox, read the final part of the "Configuration Options" section.

HD support

If you have an HD monitor/television, you can configure Virtual JaguarX to display graphics in 720p or 1080i resolution. In this version of the emulator, only the gameplay will be shown at those high resolutions, but the rom list menu will still be shown at 480, no matter what you configured.

To configure a high resolution, select a game in the rom list menu. After that, the emulator will show the "RECOMMENDED OPTIONS" screen. Go to the last option ("Video Mode") and select your desired resolution (480, 720p or 1080i) and after that press START to begin playing. The game will be displayed in your selected resolution.

Furthermore: you only need to do this one time. The next time that you select another rom, the emulator will "remember" your selected resolution, and it will configure it automatically as the "recommended option" (although you can change it again if you want).

Please, note that I don't own an HD TV, so I have not tested the high resolution modes myself, but beta testers have confirmed that it is working well (thank you very much to darknior for testing this!).

there is more release info,just read the rest of the release info in the txt file included with the emulator download.

1 link download and mirrorlinks (7mb)


thanks goes to hcf for this new update.


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