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unleasherspin v2 (new update)

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UnleasherSpin V2
By gilou9999

original release thread.


For those interested here is the V2 of my unleasherspin project:
It's just a graphic interface with the "feeling" of Hyperspin pc
and all the advantages of UnleashX (ftp transfer, screen parameters, random music playing, no locks , no time bomb, the ability to launch any individual emulator, etc...)
I write it first : IT IS FOR SD/CRT tv's ONLY! (and especially intended for cabs owners)
I thought i would share my personal stuff for those interested, i make it for you guys and i take the risk of beeing banned for the fifth time from Bp's site!

news in V2:
- animated background! (with arcade mame arts, good for cabs owners)
- the videos are now 640*480 (more sharp) and in xmv (faster and more fluid)
- the "menu" is in bottom of the screen because the hyperspin vids are "wide screen" and like you know 95% of the crt/sd tv's are 4/3 so with the menu in the bottom the videos are in the correct aspect ratio
- no more items are used in this V2 skin (you can still use the unleasherspin v1 if you want additional infos, release dates of systems etc); now when you enter the "emulator section" of unleash it s way faster (it doesn't load the items)
special thanks to Circoo from hyperspin i used his videos from his public youtube account then convert them in the higher wmv8 quality i can (quality vbr) and 640*480 with windows media encoder




- Press start in front of any emulator when on unleash to select the appropriate video, then DELETE the icon path (press X); if all the icons paths of all your emulators are deleted, UnleashX will load instantly your emulators
- Xmv videos are faster, if you are using other videos , be sure they are in xmv
- you can use the videos from "hypervision" for the missing systems (from the megaups torrents), but be sure to credit the authors if you want to distribute unleasherspin v2 with them

remember to read the read me for installing.

1 link download and mirrorlinks.(356mb)







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