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I love beer. Of all varieties. Trying new beers from all over the world. I wish I could get paid to be a beer critic. What is this 1 post every 18 seconds shit? Yes I am a bit drunk. I was suddenly like OH SHIT 1EMULATION I MADE THIS POST THAT I WOULD POST MORE AND THEN DIDN'T!!!! Sorry BREHS!!!! I truly am very busy lately. In fact I wouldn't be here had I not called off work to stay home and drink beer! Fuck that job anyway! Why can't I just work in a sandwich shop and still afford my house? I like sandwiches. I'm pretty good at making them. Did I ever tell you guys I used to manage a sandwich shop? Everyone liked my sandwiches!!!!! People came in on the days I worked because they where like SHIT!!! I want the sandwiches THAT GUY MAKES!!!! I know I know, I should do more with my life than make sandwiches. I'm probably going to get some type of physics/recording engineer degree because I love recording/reproducing music and building speakers. Basically everything about music besides playing the actual instruments interests me a lot. I mean only because I am terrible at playing any sort of instrument! I have much respect for players of instruments! Man that sandwich shop was a blast though. I'd also like to work on cars. I have pretty much memorized every piece of my Jeep at this point.


HOLY SHIT GUYS I DIDN'T EVEN TELL YOU!!!! I GOT A JEEP!!!!! Seriously fucking awesome vehicle. I feel like I did when I first got my drivers license, I want to drive all over the place for no reason, but this time I want to drive off the road and over and under shit!!!!! Everyone should own a Jeep at least once. You know the dos equis guy? Most interesting man in the world? HE DRIVES THE SAME JEEP!!! (except a different color and 6 years older) No wonder my ball hair grows at such a ridiculous rate now. I think it's kind of like when you get a motorcycle. Really comparable feelings there. Different experience though. Remember to wave at the other Jeeps! Except those 4 door wranglers, fuck them. Who puts 4 doors on a wrangler? HAY GUYS CHECK OUT MY 4 DOOR CORVETTE!!!!


RIP Buick though. It still sits in my driveway, waiting to be revived. I just can't let it go. Ash trays in every door? Shit would not happen nowadays.

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Moved this to Gossip Cafe :)


Welcome back Shiba! Drunk or not, it's great to see you back.


Hmmm... what kinda beer you drinking?

Making sandwiches, eh? I've always loved sandwiches more than plates of food. I like my Italian meats.


A physics degree sounds pretty badass if you got the math (calculus and above) skills.


LMAO.... New Jeep = Increased Ball Hair? That's a new one. Glad you're enjoying yourself!:D


And ash trays in cars? Haven't seen that in a decade.

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And ash trays in cars? Haven't seen that in a decade.


Both of my cars have ashtrays, but only in the front. all the back ones have been replaced by cup holders...

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'Grats on the Jeep dude! I really wanted a wrangler out of high school myself. My car still has a cigarette lighter, my 17 yr old baby...




Anyway... beer. I like beer although I prefer hard liquor. Not very picky but I like dark beers > lights. Been diggin' some Shock Top Honeycrisp Apple Wheat lately:



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