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Crazy Nintendo 64 & SNES flashcard stuff...


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Never even knew this stuff existed. The following links are not meant to advertise, but educate as to how this is possible.


ED64 Plus?




ED64 plus is a Game Cartridge emulator for your N64 Console.

It allows you to play your favourite backup game on your N64 console via ED64 plus.

Besides the game cartridge emulation function.

  • ED64Plus can support a maximum of 512Mbit(64MBytes) ROM images
  • Support SD, SDHC, MMC card with FAT, FAT16, FAT32 format (maximum 32GB)
  • Multi CIC chip compatible (note.1)
  • Supports all games of the region corresponding to the console
  • Region free (will play a PAL ROM on a NTSC system, and vice-versa)
  • Supports all save types (SRAM, SRAM128Kbyte, EEPROM16k, EEPROM4k, FlashRam)
  • Stores cartridge based saves directly on the CF/MicroSD card (note.2)
  • Supports homebrew ROMs
  • Most games load within a few seconds. Larger ones take several seconds.
  • Drag and drop support directly to SDCard
  • No proprietary extra adapters involved
  • Supports multiple ROMs up to the capacity of the SDCard
  • Supports sub folders
  • ROMs are stored indefinitely until files are deleted or the SDCard is formatted
  • Continued menu, firmware, GUI, and hardware development support
  • 64MBytes of high quality Micron RAM onboard
  • High quality 4 layers printed circuit board and SMD components
  • Does not require any special hardware or software to flash games
  • N64 menu is navigated with the gamepad
  • Uses SDCard to store ROMs
  • Reset button takes the user back to the ED64Plus menu
  • Easy to use once set up properly and then recommended for the novice user
  • Most commercial ROMs backup work (* Some CIC6105 ROMs backup require the patched versions still)
  • Most games which required a patch for old copiers work with or without a patch
  • Support byte swapped ROM images
  • USB port included (Plug and play)
  • Firmware update by SD card
  • Extend slot for Boot Cartridge



Or an extra piece of N64 128M ram to max out your ram to 256M? WHY WOULD YOU NEED THIS?



Now this one really puzzles me... a GBA to SNES adapter? WTF!?



You can plug it into your SNES to play GBA game. Use your SNES joypad instead GBA joypad. You need to plug AV cable to this adapter for video output. It can not use SNES AV output. It can use on both PAL and NTSC version SFC/SNES. But its AV output is NTSC. (Take care)


High quality 3rd party product.

Compatible with most GBA games.

Plug and Play.

Light-weight and Travel-Friendly.

Come with Link Port.

Come with a special AV cable.

Soooo.... is this stuff old or has it been around for a long time? :o
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Yeah this was bootlegging back in the day, they even had one for the ps1 that would plug up in the back like the game shark would.


and the GB to snes this is old, ive seen it in old comics but it had a different name, it was a picture of cinder or a guy that looked like he was on fire like the fantastic 4 guy, it was power up or something the thing was called, I always wanted it though but they were rare and expensive.


Well gameboy not gba, but even then, who the hell would play gba on snes, they already sell a gamecube adapter and im pretty sure they sell a GC snes controller.


Or an extra piece of N64 128M ram to max out your ram to 256M? WHY WOULD YOU NEED THIS?


Oh hell yeah. The n64 is laggy, like in golden eye, the game runs soooo slow, atleast compared to emulated one I have on my xbox and pc, it makes perfect sense, i didnt even know you COULD upgrade the ram.

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