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When you feel like you want to break a stack of bricks... with your HEAD!


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I feel anger only sucks when you delve into it. I just ask myself "Why am I angry?" and the reason usually snaps me out of it. For other reasons (like something you can't control or change), I feel that holding on to it doesn't help much either so I try to let it go by ignoring it and looking to the brighter side of things.

Honestly, letting go and looking at the bright side is probably the most effective approach. Unfortunately, sometimes my anger just wants to tell my rationality to fuck off :sad:
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Anger is fine, means you still have passion and drive...

Obviously how you release it is important, I don't get angry much lately as I have just gotten busy again so don't dwell for too long on the shit. Last time I got angry is when I messaged my ex and she did not reply, after all we had been through I wanted to rip her fucking tits off. She won't message me because she will hook easily lol

I can understand why she would not message back, as a few of mine if I reply I can't get rid of them. So yeah I get it,

Its still irritating though. But yeah that's the last time I got angry.

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