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quadforce 3.0 (new update)


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quadforce allows you to run the Trifoce arcarde games Mario Kart GP, GP 2 and F-Zero AX on a Wii from an SD card. It can not run any GameCube games. No other Triforce games are supported or will be in the future. Thanks to tmbinc for most of the Triforce related information.

New in this rel: *Fixed a crash in F-Zero AX that occurred on newer systems *Added CARD support for Mario Kart GP 1&2 *Added patch for unlimited CARD usage for Mario Kart GP 1&2 *Added Reset/Shutdown via button combo (R + Z + Start) (R + Z + B + D-Pad Down) has to be enabled via config *Increased deadzone of L/R for F-Zero AX

Author: crediar

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