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Anyone playing Dark Souls?

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I got to the first boss and died then quit...never again.


That was all my friends impression of the game, very dissapointed. I have finished off the first boss! (Thank you!)

The story is like your reading a good old novel, Everything is just so well written and placed together.


I guess my attention span has shrunk that much, if I was still 10 I'd be up all night playing it like super metroid.


Its not attention its time, I never have enough time to really get involved in a game.


There's always time, you just find other ways to occupy yourself. :\ Part of growing up I guess.

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Got my hands on the game some time a go and desperately trying to make progress in it. The first boss was... a wake-up call to say the least. The game has since nailed my balls to the wall several times since.


The most frustrating thing has to be that you're never quite sure if you've accidentally traveled to a place where the opposition mercilessly wipes the floor with you from the get-go (as in, 1 or 2-hit KO). I don't even want to get started on enemies that use status effects which you aren't equipped to deal with.

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You can clear the late-game area's right from the start after the tutorial. It isn't easy however and I don't recommend it until you've familiarized yourself with the game first. I got started on the expansion part of the game and just stopped playing afterwards, it's one of the best titles I've ever played.

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