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ClrMamePro 4.09 released


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What's new recently?




- fixed: rename profiles (which are based on a xml dat) corrupts xml structure

- fixed: fix missing doesn't look into parent set in rompaths in full merge mode it might oversee missing but fixable roms

- misc: changed size of compressor settings window




- added: parsing of driver status flag (good|imperfect|preliminary), %D can be used for set selection

- misc: some minor optimization for fix missing if one and the same checksum reappears in the same set

- fixed: 7z utf8 name reading was broken since switch to sdk 9.22 in 4.08 (used local code page instead)

- fixed: wrong "wrong placed" / "unneeded" prompt when there are softwarelist/non-softwarelist chd clashes

- fixed: wrong prompt for possible rompath addition for disabled sysdefpaths standard/device/mechanical




- misc: test if 7z/rar rename operation is available, otherwise it will be disabled automatically. You need to enabled it manually (if supported by 7z)...I may change that to auto-enable in the future.

- fixed: rare obsolete missing but fixable chd message for sets without roms

- fixed: workaround for 7z.exe no-file-in-archive corruption (e.g. after removing all files from it you were not able to add new files to it)

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