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Vision 21/11/12 New Dash For Xbox

gamez fan

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You the community have now seen the pride and teaming up by others to stop the killing of there community from the threat to all dev called CoinOPS.... well to me you guys have all lost out.....there are so many features in CoinOPS that dont make it to other stuff even on the PS3 etc due to this and its you guys that suffer....


I cannot make people see the light and its there loss....leading to your loss....as you know if I see something of interest im open to adding it.....


at times like this talk is cheap....the way seems boring and defined.....what is the way out of this?

VISION.....most dont know what they havent seen.....people say coinops is cut and paste or that its a skin....I say its a VISION years ahead of others....

the skin png is open, grab it and you get years of work by me or maybe 2 hours of my time


what I will do is once again show some VISION....nothing buggy or 2 frames a sec or stuff you will never use, like we see today....nothing beta like that makes your childen cringe....something that makes them sing with joy...like I see time and time again on youtube and other forums about CoinOPS....


this lack of VISION has happened before when XBMC was XBMP and people though it was all it could be....

this happen for Mameox when people said it was as good as it could be....

people cant see what they dont know....and people are stubborn......


VISION is needed again...................


CoinOPS already bought a GUI way in advance of what is on any other emulator on any other console and challenges the best of PC......Vision is a GUI that no one thought possible.....


Dev out there are killing invoation....pushing painfull productions....even killing there sites.....we must turn this around and once again I take this as a challenge....how can we make the children smile again.....


I hope once again the community will live not in fear of Vision but work with it and embrace it.....with Vision people must look forward and forget the people that cant see or are to stuborn to have the courage to dream and be Visionary.....


I hope I can rise to the challenge......


well it sure looks nice gotta say that but i dont plan on using it im lazy you see cant be arsed setting it all up

ill just stick with my basic EvoX dash

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yeah i seen those packs i guess i could make my own best of sets but i would still have to replace my current dash with this one

im gonna be honest not got much in the way of experence with this i could mess up and nuke my xbox i kinda focused on the emu side of things

but if i read up about dashes im sure i'll figure it out thats what i mean when i say im lazy can i be arsed?? finding out i dont know

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well, i'd be willing to try it...


making packs is most likely easy. i don't like the massive video in the back though. i'd prefer some sort of graphic with the video and graphic fading into each other. similar to my samurai consoles skin i made for fbc. the vid would show a little more though.


perhaps a emu pack?

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