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CPX3 v1.0a Boss Hack Edit (NEW RELEASE) (MOD/HACK)


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CPX3 v1.0a Boss Hack Edit

Edit By IsmaMj 2012




Just released today is a hack of the cps3 emulator for xbox called CPX3 v1.0a Boss Hack Edit.

this plays the special boss hack released roms of

jojos venture

jojos bizarre adventure

streetfighter 3

streetfighter 3 second strike

streetfighter 3 third strike



The hacked roms lets you choose to play as the boss characters of each game/rom.

so for the first time you can play these boss hack cps3 roms on your xbox.







BIG THANKS to robert for letting me know about this.


i have uploaded the special version of cpx3 and a full romset,just use google.

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It's a infinite power hack version for all the streets fighters and jojo's, for tomorrow is ready.

and the fix for the boss hack not started.


PD: You need rename cpx3bh.xbe to default.xbe to works well.

Edited by ismamj
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ismamj if you still visit this forum,i was wondering if you would be interested in adding the boss hack edit to the cpx3 emulator for the 360.

as it uses the exact same roms as the xbox1 version.

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