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Getting the number and then getting nothing


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It keeps fucking happening lately. I don't get it. I get a bunch of phone numbers, text the girls, and nothing. They either don't respond or start flaking out to hell with various excuses. It's ridiculous.


The biggest issue is you can't show that you care. If you respond with a fucking text saying "Hey, what the fuck happened", you're screwed. Oh yeah, the younger chicks don't want you actually calling them. What is this bullshit? Has everyone got scared from hearing another's voice?


How do you guys go about sealing the deal once you meet them to actually make sure you can actually get a lunch or coffee date out of it?

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Ok here's how it kind of works.


Getting a number does not mean you're gonna get the poontang.

Sometiems chicks will give out a number for many reasons such as


Likes attention (789 friends on facebook - I've seen chicks publicly share their number on twitter this should be a warning to stay away)


It gets "rid of of you" I know it does not sound nice but some women who are stuck up their own ass sometimes give a number as a way to drop you, she flirted with you and enjoyed it, now she is off home to her boyfriend or whatever. Giving you the number is easier than kissing you and further leading to sexual escalation. see?


Cinder is right on the waiting game, firing off 3 texts a day and waiting on a reply, most guys might start thinking "bitch! ill text her again wtf!" then before you know it you have sent 10 texts and have set off the "needy" alert.


Just remember numbers dont mean pussie.


If I like a girl I'll just ask her out ill be as blunt as i need to be so I text her after getting a number "Hey cock face, im going to (insert random ass place) you can meet up with me if you want, but dont be annoying me! Let me know what you think."


That's it! I wont text back till I get a 1 to 1 reply, and always end the session so she might text back "Oi! who you calling cock face!"

so I might reply "Boring!!!" This will wind her up becasue she cant get a straight answer and you havnt "obeyed" like the rest.

My ex I could send her fucking bonkers with two worded texts "stinky pissflaps" (this is teasing you are not been a dick its fun to her - if she is a 7 or under she might be insecure so take it easy on them ones, this text game is aimed at ones who are hotter than most.


after i have insulted her I will end the game ill put Im going now because you are stupid and slow and im so great, off to drink beers Bye!" (off to do something example your busy and dont mope around etc make her work for your attention)


Then i might be cheeky. and just send one more with a "X" kiss.


One chick I fired this off to and she went mad for me:


Hey, you know that movie titanic with jack and rose?" (you can ask the question so she replies "yeah what about it?)

Or you can just put it all in one text IT WORKS EVERYTIME.


Hey, you know that movie titanic with jack and rose? That bit at the end of the movie When Jack gets in the water?

I would of pushed that bitch the fuck off!!!


:wink: Paitence is key - in a week she might get 10 offers (they normally do one way or another) but if your the one not hammering her, teasing her, and getting busy with other things, she will eventually filter you out as "different" this is good.

Get them laughing (dont be funny all the time) and you have one hand in her pants.


A good tip I got was when been funny make sure they are not laughing at you - I found this too strict to my personality.

and over thinking stuff - a confident man can poke fun at him self, but at the same time have respect. it would be ever so boring if we were all the same.


And some chicks are just "floating" no matter what you do or say they just wont reel in, fuck she could be on her period when you make a move, not gonna help.


One last thing, you have the be genuinely interested in the girl

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Maybe but just maybe you guys are hitting on the wrong set of girls. Out of my friends if she asks for a number and dont type it in her cell immediately then theres a good chance she already forgot you. Could be where your meeting the girls too, clubs suck for talking or getting to know anyone.

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clubs suck for talking or getting to know anyone.


Worst place ever mate, totally sucks.

Id have a better chance just walking the street with a bottle of whiskey flashing my dick at girls passing by!!!

Or maybe im just mature now. :lookaround:

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