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Sleeping dogs PC/360/PS3


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Any of you got this, I reccomend it.


At one point I couldn't stop playing it but now interest has waned a little.

I love the fighting in this game, whats your drop kick high score? I pushed through to 20 before a cop got in the way.

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get as many health shrines as you can.

I have not played for over a week now, I sometimes do that with games I like then suddenly stop playing.

I am now walking round in my game of death clothes hurling people in to the road.


One mission I found out my girlfriend cheated on me then it ended and she was walking away from me - I just couldn't resit it...

I dropped her and threw her down a hill.

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I got it, Sorta like assassins creed in the city. I love taking on 7 guys and kicking their asses without getting hurt. Too easy to counter everything.

The enviroment kills are fun to do to, as long as you can get them to it. Not a big fan of the shooting in it. It feels like I headshot a guy but he brushes it off to keep coming at me. Crazy people in hong kong lol :)

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my curry fish balls will blow your mind!


I like throwing people in to the trunk of a car, grabbing someone else, power slamming them, throwing the other guy or gal out of the boot then throwing them in instead.get enough cars lined up and grab enough people if you want to try something different. Cops are a little too powerful but I think they had to make them that way, countering a cop and cuffing him 4 times in a row is strange.

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