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Total recall remake


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I saw it a few weeks ago, I loved the scenery a little like blade runner.

How can you not go to mars though baffles me!!!

I thought it was piss poor compared to the original with brownschwargger.


Anyone going to watch it: There isn't really any big action sequences, they replaced the concept of mars with the earth only having two hospitable regions the UK and Australia (i think it was that) and they drilled a hole through the core of earth and the travel to and from - when they hit the core it turns red (wow) and they hit zero gravity and float about.


There is a ton of cool stuff in this movie, but anyone else think a woman running round been a total bad ass didn't wash? She was fighting hand to hand combat with men. It was always gonna get compared to the original and on the premise I give it 6/10. Where was benny with 5 kids to feed!!!


Didn't see you at the part Richter!

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I watched it, I did not like it. The original was waaaaaay better.


The story barely makes any sense. It's about a guy wanting to take over Australia...thats about it.

The scenery was super cool but then the future tends to be.

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horah replies!


I think it would be a decent watch in the cinema on the big screen, it does have some nice ideas but for us 90s total recall watchers it does nothing to help it self.

This remake was utter crap. The original blew it out of the water. And you're right Ems, it had some good cinematography scenes, but it was a lackluster performance. Not to mention, the original had a beautiful soundtrack. I almost feel like they went overboard with the action scenes (is that even possible?).

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