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xbmc4xbox 3.2 released.


xbmc4xbox site.




I am pleased to announce another release of XBMC4XBOX - v3.2. A number of bugs have been fixed, including a working fix for the lockups when using UPnP. There has been some significant performance improvements also, with the addition of the libjpeg-turbo library. Based on some code from XBMC, and some of our own, we now use this SIMD optimised library for decoding and thumbnailing JPEG images. The speed up is very noticeable – with navigating photos feeling at least twice as fast as before. XBMC4XBOX will now also use less memory when displaying and zooming in on images.


Release Includes:


libjpeg-turbo support for images

Fixed UPnP lockups

Browse by Country support in movie library

Scraper fixes

Switch to Roboto font in Confluence skin

Plenty of misc bugfixes and code backports from xbmc mainline

Lots of code refactoring to better match upstream changes


Thanks to all those who helped out, including those who spent lots of time helping users on the forums. Thanks tohttp://xbmc.org for the support after we lost our previous hosting place (see previous news). And thanks for all the code of course :)

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