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Hello this if my first time here.


I came across with the site looking for new homebrew snes games.


I currently do SNES reproductions, for the ones that don't know what are those. Are games that were never released in US like prototypes, imports and translations, homebrew games, etc places in a SNES cart



so you can play them on your snes console.


I am currently looking for SNes hombrew games or people that are developing new games that are willing and wanting to manufacture their game.



I will provide all the contacts to manufacture the SNES games, pcb, plastic shell, boxes, and manual


People interested please contact me!


Thank you!!!




Retro Quest

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Wow I forgot that I had posted in here!!!


well the game is almost done!


it is a multicart and it will feature 3-6 new Snes games.


here is the first promo


Site is under development and as soon as my engineer gives green light, I will launch a kickstarter event





Please share the info! any help is greatly appreciated

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