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Diablo 3 - discuss.

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So with the look of things they have played this off against other MMOs and engineered to to make money from the new generation of suckers.



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60 Monk

60 Witch Doctor

60 Barbarian

53 Wizard

02 Demon Hunter


It's a dungeon crawler. The complexity isn't in the controls, but the skill + rune combinations with items and how you fare in Inferno, cuz no amount of rabid mouse-clicking is going to save you in that difficulty without a good combination of those things.


I myself came from D2 when I was in highschool and I played a lot of that. I stopped around the time Runewords came out and were being abused by pretty much everyone. I didn't advance inasfar as being a 'hardcore' pro because that game wasn't as leniant in terms of messing up stats and skills since they didn't let people simply pay to reset them like WoW or in D3 where you can change your skills + runes at any time (until a later patch after I stopped playing). I had about three 90's characters that were done 'right' -- A trap assassin, an elemental druid and a MF sorceress but still nowhere near as geared out and strong as some players who had mercenaries that could solo Diablo in Hell difficulty (other games took up my time too).


I waited a long time for D3 and when it finally released, yeah I read a lot of the complaints and to be frank, most of it sounded like the 'veterans' piling on the hate because it wasn't a completely revamped version of their glory days in D2 that they had fond memories of. I mean seriously... why would Blizzard make a Diablo 2.5? Things that I really like about D3 is the fact that items are no longer categorized by type, such as cloth, leather, mail, plate etc. so any item can be used by any class (aside from the class specific items). Also how they made runes into altered skill modifications and not just a bunch of overpowered legendaries and rares that we could horde in our character inventories to boost ourselves to ridiculous levels, while pumping a few overpowered skills to max level and spamming those as opposed to what Blizzard wants us to do now, which is use a combination of all the skills assigned to hotkeys we have available. No more mana-leaching to infinitely spam skills. And with Inferno as difficult as it is... the creativity of skill + rune combinations is pretty important to help you survive while keeping things interesting and less stagnant as it was in D2 where I mentioned above... lots of maxing out the overpowered skills and spamming. Fact is, D2 by the time Runewords came out and after was just a broken game.


Some people just have a hard time with change.


Anybody who didn't let the haters dictate their choice in playing hit me up, veristic#1399.

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