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Emu Rom Hub Back Online Again + New Updates!

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First off, Happy Holidays From 1Emulation.Com!

Drive safely, stay healthy, and have a wonderful New Year from all of 1Emulation Staff!


Well the Emu Rom Hub, aka the dedicated 1Emulation Direct Connect Hub is back online. It's still part of the ••€mü-Ñëtwø®k••, but much better than EmuWorldPlus. It's completely emulation and gaming. You won't find users anymore who don't have anything, but files that have nothing to do with emulation. EmuWorldPlus (EmuChina) is still a wonderful hub, but Emu Rom Hub has and always will be the leader. The #1 hub, the 1Emulation Direct Connect Hub. Enjoy and don't forget to share some emulation related material before going in. You need at least a 1GB Share, it's not too much to ask now of days.


[ Hub Address: dchub://pipeline.sytes.net OR dchub://emu.homeunix.com ]


[ Forum: http://emuromhub.1emulation.com ]


[ Hub NetWork: ••€mü-Ñëtwø®k•• ]


[ Preferred Links To See: Using Direct Connect For The First Time ]


PS: Don't forget to stick a [ERH] in front of your nickname.

You may soon be the newest VIP if you do so which will give you lots of

access features. :)<_>

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yeah so..come one, come all for the grand reopening week <_<

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