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Thanks go to bock for this release.






quote by bock


I've managed to acquire a prototype cart of Unreleased Game Gear game Crazy Faces. The game has been discussed before but no prototype had surfaced - until now! Crazy Faces was developed by The Kremlin in 1993 (same developers as SMS/GG versions of Desert Strike and Prince of Persia among others). It is an original variation on sliding puzzle games where you have to push around blocks to assemble a picture. The pictures here are based on Domark properties - and Sonic!


The prototype we managed to get hold of doesn't come with music but otherwise looks pretty solid and fun. It is unsure whether the game development ever reached completion or why it was canned.


Enjoy another treasure from SMS Power!


also included in the download is a gradius for the master system which only sa w a korean release.







thanks agian to bock for this release.


More Konami, extremely rare and sought after Nemesis / Gradius (그라디우스) for the Samsung Gam*Boy / Sega Master System. Did you even know it existed? Port of the Konami's revolutionary scrolling shooting game, based on the great MSX1 port. This is a good testament as to what SG-1000 type hardware could have achieved at the time if it had more dedicated developers. Note how the game title screen shows international title "Nemesis" but the box and Korean transcription use the "Gradius" name. And guess what we've got in reserve for tomo..*cough* later on.




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