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The Dreamcast Lives on.

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2 new games are being released for the dreamcast in the next few months.


first up is sturmwind.




Sturmwind has been in development for 6 years.The game first surfaced under the name Native an atari jaguar cd demo featuring just one playable level. The graphics were regarded as impressive for Jaguar standards, the demo had no audio.Development was eventually resumed and shifted for Dreamcast.

In December 2010, RedSpotGames stated they would be making releasing news each Sunday of the month on upcoming plans, Sturmwind was the first of these, being revealed on December 5, 2010 on German TV show .

On December 19, 2011, RedSpotGames announced that the game had been delayed indefinitely due to the disc pressing plant they had contracted to manufacture the game filing for bankruptcy. A deal has been made with a new pressing plant although the release date has now been set as 'TBC'.

At the moment their is no specific release date. Currently the game is scheduled to be released by/around 3/12/12



The game uses a hybrid 2D/3D game engine. The game is basically a 2D horizontally scrolling shoot'em up, but there are also section where the scrolling is vertical.The game has 16 levels which are divided into 7 different worlds, with more than 20 bossenemies and hundreds of different enemies. Three different levels of difficulty will be available.

The game is region free (works on any MIL-CD compatible Dreamcast) and will support both PAL at 50 Hz and 60 Hz, as well as NTSC and VGA. Apart from the standard joypad, Sturmwind may be played with the arcade stick (both analog and digital), and the controls are configurable. The game also makes use of the VMU and the rumble pack.

Further features include a FMV intro sequence, CDDA sound, an award trophy system with unlockable content and the ability to place one's highscore on the internet using a code.


next is gunlord by ng-dev team.


this game is also being released on the neogeo and is the sequel to last years dreamcast/neogeo game fast striker.

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