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MELISSA ETHERIDGE'S EX-GF" I Can't Live on $23,000 a Month"

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Isn't Melissa a girls name!


Edited by emsley

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I need to make a solid golden gun that shoots diamond bullets. And shoot celebrities with it. I'll call it The Compensator.

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Why are people so politically correct these days?

Everyone knows all this BS will fail and come back to bite us in the ass one day.

Look at earth! Its forcing things to be correct!

For instance - its ok to let millions up on millions of immigrants in to our country which the silent majority disagree with but we are not allowed a vote on the EU?

When I see real freedom in my own country then I'll give a shit, until that day I dont give a fuck.

If I have to take all this shit shoved in my face every single day.

Tell you what if this political correctness is so accurate why are men still treated like second class citizens.


Anyone who cant live on couple of grand a month and whine about it, is an ass-hole, they don't deserve my time or respect.

End of tale.

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