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Mass Effect 3 Ending Uproar


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Here's the gist of the issue:






Sessler take on it:



- -- - - - IF you already know about it then you can skip to here.-------


So the ending of ME3 has been vicious for a while now! Now I've NEVER seen such hate for an ending that people would gather up and demand change for it from Bioware/EA. I've played TONS of great games with underwhelming endings and i'm like, "man that ending sucked but it was a good game" but for some reason, this game is an exception.

So im sure many have played but after seeing the ending Im not really to hard on the ending but perhaps someone can explain thier take for those who are NOT happy with the ending. Why is is such a big heartache? Either way...




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I'm not arguing whether or not the ending sucks, (it does). I'm asking will this petition actually work? I usually see petitions like these surface, and they end up getting the amount of signatures they need, and then nothing happens.

well the marvel vs cpacom partition seeme to went well, but then again i think capcom would have one that eventually anyway. But IMO, no- it wont work. Bioware has been pretty careful on making a official statement because they pretty much know that since aren't please with the day1dlc, that they have to respond very carefully.


My thought is even if they do give decent endings, it should be lackluster for ANYONE who hasnt played the game already through because you know that this was not the supposed canonical ending but something put together to please the fans. Just like in the death and return of Superman, you cant fix a bad ending once published, I think pple should just count their losses and not support it from here on.

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This is the most retarded fucking thing in gaming history I have ever seen.


I'm also surprised that for once I agree with Sessler.


I find that anyone who didn't expect the ending to go there or thought it sucked to be a penis devouring douche bag.


I have seen people who originally said this game was awesome now outraged that it sucks because of the ending. Good job for them being hypocrites.

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Devia you said the ending sucked, can you explain the "controversy" of the ending, and why isnt it just something that we just took in stride besides the reason, "I put a lot of time in this game."


I guess i could look up what pple say but a personal exp is always recommended.

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I need to get playing ME3 so i can get pissed off like everyone else.

Lol, Its the new hip thing to do in regards to hating something. like how its hip to hate the Star Wars prequels.

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