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Storm Riders (unreleased xbox game)


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storm riders for xbox released by museman.


quotes by museman.

This is an unreleased early prototype of a game that never got around to be fully developed for the XBOX. It never even saw the light of day till the thread above. There is little known about it, I kind of hope when this is released, we'll know more about it. All I know for sure is it was developed by some company in Japan.


The game is only one level, one encounter with some ninjas and stuff, and there's a few rooms (4-5) that you can run around and check out. There is some part of the level that you can't get to but can be reached with the debug camera. But its mostly running around, jumping, and running up walls. But none the less, an unreleased proto.


This will only work for a debug/dev XBOX console, maybe a modded console, but no guarentees.


Game is pretty self explanatory, except the debug camera. If you want to access the debug camera, just click the right stick down.






all credit goes to museman for this great release.

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