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PCem 0.5 released

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Emulator of various PC/XT/AT-class machines.


Get it here -> http://www.tommowalker.co.uk/pcem.html


Changes since v0.4x:


- More games work, eg Tyrian, Jazz Jackrabbit, Transport Tycoon

- New (bad) cache emulation. Should make 386/486 speeds a bit more realistic

- 486 speeds between 50 and 120 MHz added. The fastest are only for people with stupidly quick machines.

- Fixed CMOS corruption bug

- SB Pro v2 and SB16 emulation

- GUS improvements, MIDI playback now better

- CD-ROM emulation (use OAKCDROM.SYS)

- Re-added CGA composite emulation

- 8088/8086 timing tweaks

- Fixed bugs in LLDT/LIDT/LGDT/LTR

- VM flag no longer stored with PUSHFD

- Fixed bug in SIDT/SGDT - no more 'hardware not recognized' from Borland DPMI

- HLT now priviledged

- Fixed unused bits in FLAGS register

- Fixed read/write across page boundary

- Many bug fixes in exception handling

- REP INSx now uses correct segment

- DIV.D fixed, fixes Terminal Velocity, Pro Pinball etc

- Loads of other fixes

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