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So I need some help getting a gamestop account

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I kid with the description. Basically I've been playing War Metal Tyrant on Kongregate, which is an online Collectible Card Game. Recently they introduced a new promotional card which non-US players can't get unless they have a Gamestop PowerUp account, which you can only make if you go to any Gamestop across the U.S. and ask them to make you one. Once I have the 13 digit account code, I can link the PowerUp account with my Kongregate account and I get an awesome, U.S.-exclusive card. Would anyone be willing to do this for me? I have nothing to offer in return but I'll always owe that person a favor whenever he decides he needs one. Cheers :)


edit. : forgot to mention that the person who does this keeps the account and after I'm done linking it, 275 gamestop points (or w/e they're called) are credited to that PowerUp account, and since I have no use for it being from Romania where GameStop doesn't even exist, that's sort of a reward you can use I suppose.


edit 2.: nvm, I found a code lol. thanks ;)

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I'm blown away by this dramatically written post.


but what are the points even good for besides some lousy discounts that only work on used games? I recall trying trade a ps3 slim when it was fresh and new at gamestop and geeze it was only worth $65 to those cheap bastards, at least on ebay i was able to make $600 with it.

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