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XBMC Recommended Video / Audio Plugins


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OK folks,


While I know XBMC4XBOX has a great thread for plugins I figured I would start one here of the back of Fu's post.


Please upload your your suggested plugins or link here for everyone .


http://dl.dropbox.com/u/9033273/Icefilms.zip credit to tomatosoup for this icefilms plugin


See icefilms.info for info



Credit and Props got to the XBMC4XBOX guys....

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Yes thanks a lot ... i read the information about the new version on the official site :P

This new update is fantastic :)

quicker to launch, faster to use, more film compatible ... some news MKV who don't work before are now read perfectly !

I love it lol


But what are these plugins ?

It is for read some news video format ?

There is not now a download plugin center on xbmc ?

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