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Xbox Movie Capture Tool (Tests)


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I have setup my Xbox to boot into debug mode, and can now run the XbMovie Tool. :(


Here's my first test capture of BlueMSXbox, which obviously plays MSX, MSX 2 and MSX+ games...



First of all, there is no audio when I capture. Normal ?


th_UserInterface.png <---click


Now at first I tried capturing at 720P (1280 x 720) and this captured at around 13fps :) If I choose 1/2 size (640 x 360),I get much better results.

24 bpp reduces frames too, so I'll stick with 16 bpp for now.


th_AdvancedOptions.png <--click


I tried some advanced settings too, which gave no significant improvement. (will try out different settings later)


Finally I put BlueMSXbox into 480P video mode and captured the video above, which produced a 31fps capture.

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your wrong you cant do this...cba and madmab told you :(...... I lied to you apparently about the xdk....years ago and then 6 months ago....


anyway I hate to say I told you so....and yes once again cba you are wrong.....like everything else he claimed as fact....and yes I have no confidence in cba or anyone that deal with him.....and said this 100 times and truely beleive it....but good to see you did listen and do some research and see they where holding you back and not me I told you this was doable months and months ago....



you can lead a horse to water but you cant make it drink....


if you change your policy of putting title screens in you to could do 100s and 100s of videos in a weekend :) and would be great to see

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