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Big trip this weekend

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Making a big trip this weekend, as I'm purchasing 2 pinball machines. Also sold one of my 29" Nanao monitors, and moving 3 pinball machines for others along the way to subsidize my trip.


My Current Route


My current route linked above. Friday night I will stay in Montreal at a fellow collectors. Saturday night my GF and I are staying in a hotel in Montreal and doing some site-seeing and EATING! Mmmm Donair and Poutine, and I've been told by her that St. Huberts is a must or she'll beat me.


I won't reveal the two pins I'm buying till I actually have them. A collectors "No-no"...


The starting point on my map is about 15 minutes from where I actually live, but I'm not wasting paper on what I know off by heart (GPS I will have but it's nice to have paper if the GPS should die!). The furthest point out in "Normandin" is where one of my pins is waiting...only delivering stuff to as far as Montreal.

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Have fun man, what car you driving all that way must be something big.


2001 Pontiac Montana, will fit 3 pins comfortably with the seats out. Just too short (2-3") to stand them on their ends, or I could probably move SIX. Though that would be alot of weight.

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Blech, I live down the street from a KFC...I hate their food. Nothing special about it in Quebec, still the same KFC throughout North America.


I have not been to BC since I was little and my grandmother lived in Vancouver. Why do you ask?

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I had a KFC in Florida, the food was horrible. British KFC is alright except the fries, but Texas Chicken is way better.


Me and my family are planning to immigrate and move to BC! I'm going as an independent, I already applied for one job in Victoria so far. I'm aware that I have to sit the English test (IELTS), thanks to non-native speakers who abused the system.


@Robert, me and my family was planning to go to New Zealand, but the Nursing Council of New Zealand takes the piss, they expect 7's in each band of the English test. In Canada it's 6.5 in each band except for listening part which is 7.

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