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Ahhhh and I hate puns... whats wrong with me?


Inky mentioned Kaillera


It'd be great if some of us can get on some old school games like Me, Cinder, Drake, Diso and a few others did on Unreal Tournament 99. (Thanks again Cinder for setting up our own server, that was badass) Yea shooters with FuManchu, Old fighters with Inky, Solidius, Wizard and whoever else likes fighters. Platformers whatever...


Was our Arcade section filled with Garbage or awesomeness? I joined late 07 and it was already gone.


There arent many of us left here but it would still be awesome to get on some old school greatness. I wonder, what would it take for me to work it... If it were MAME only that could do this, then Id have to get a version of MAME that'd run on this mac to run the appropriate programs... and with no support for macmame... Perhaps a simple emulator to ... lol Emulate windows, to Emulate a game, when the game itself is an emulation of reality. (in a matter of speaking) If I were to do this I believe space time would rip open and swallow up this half of the room.


It'd be a pop shot... at best the quickly dumped bandwagon. Some of us would give it a go, but then everyone would get bored. Fuck all-yall someone should play 5 or 6 playthroughs of D&D Shadows over Mysteria with me! FuManchu... how about a few runs of Darius Gaiden? My absolute favorite. Yea I like doing runs. I often grind a game to dust. Im always always the last guy playing a game. Red Dead Redemption... How many times did we play Inky? Solidius? Hell even my buddies stopped playing after 2 weeks... Me running around wrecking shit without ya. I think it boils down to practical infinite free time, no life, and an insatiable appetite for gaming.


So I wonder, who would want in on some occasional gaming?

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I did some checking and it seems Kaillera is dead, dead, dead. to bad. before your time Will we used to have a dedicated Kaillera server. It was good times. I seem to remember we had a few hosted tournies. and there were always site regulars on the server.


as for alternatives. I don't think there is anything on Mame but a hacked p2p Kaillera.


Most emulation gaming is going on GGPO and Supercade (used to be 2DF, I believe) both use custom emulators. I know GGPO's is based on Final Burn Alpha






I've played on GGPO and it is about the best netcode you'll find anywhere. but it only supports a handful of games.


I never did try supercade. but it looks like it supports alot of games.


Last time I played GGPO you could not make custom private rooms. so that is a downside. Maybe they updated it.

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Poking around some more I doubt anything above would work for you on Mac.

Too bad. it looks like Supercade supports a shit ton of games and there are some rave reviews on SRK.


I'm installing it now and will give it a shot. requires MS .NET4

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I appreciate you looking into that! I've had SOOO many things to juggle, I didnt check on that.


Its sucks. I have ALWAYS played the shit out of well... everything. I can have a blast right now, firing up some old school stuff and just play. I imagine when emulation was real hot... I dont know... anytime before Jul 16 2007 (most users online for 1Emulation) but more specificially, around 02 - 04. I was fresh into emulation, but I didnt get into the endless facets and bulk as I am now... I missed the time altogether!


Now no one cares about the old shit. At least anymore.


Im a man out of time.

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