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Killer instinct arcade questions.

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I found the ROMs but do we need all those files?

Becuase some are ROMS and some are disk images.


Does this play well emulated because the arcade version rocks.

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The big file is the game(hd image)

The roms are for the sound and the mainrom is for the version 1.4 or 1.5)

You need all the files to play KI.


You cannot play it from a cd because the emu writes data to the KI.IMG,it only works from the hd.


And it runs very well at least if you are use the u64emu(302 or 305)and not mame.

The u64emu plays KI1 very good,even on very slow cpu's.

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I don't like the way the latest version of U64 emu emulates it. Reason: I hate using HLE, though it doesn't run that well for me on mame. So..if you have at least 900mhz or more, then run the version that came out before the latest of u64emu and run w/out HLE and it'll look good :D

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I only have a pentium 2 350, with a 32 meg video card, and 256 megs of ram, and I find that it COULD play perfectly. The graphics are excellent, although I do run it in the smallest window possible. However, although it's not choppy, it seems to run at about 1/2 - 3/4 normal speed. The sound starts out ok, but it gets choppy, or starts to echo, or sometimes screeches REALLY loud. Also, for some reason if I load it up and leave it running, the sound slowly goes away after a bit, and doesn't come back until it's run again. Most of the time, that means it's about to crash(I assume this wouldn't happen so much with a better cpu). Weird thing about it is, I just played it a few minutes ago, and I made it through a whole fight without it messing up, with pretty decent sound. Then, when I got to the next level, all of a sudden the things running at normal speed, no problems with graphics or sound at all. Then, it crashed, and it hasn't happened again. Nice to have a glimpse at how good this thing could run :D

Anybody know any way to get this to run better?

Is there any other program that might run it better, maybe with better joypad support?(I can only get the direction pad to work, I have to use the keyboard for the buttons)

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I've experimented with this game before. If you want to get it working and having the time of your life...listen up.


You need to download two files for each game. ki and ki_hdd are the files for Killer Instinct. ki2 and ki2_hdd are the files for killer instinct two. You can download them from emu russia which elmsley pointed out.


Now, you need the emulator to play it. The best one i've used is u64 ver. 311.



The sound problem you experienced is fixed in the newer version...plus it has better controller support.


Now setting up killer instinct within the rom is pretty simple, set graphic and sound settings...and you have to set up the rom. To do this, extract ki and ki_hdd or ki2 and ki2_hdd in a folder. Go into the rom setup and there will be slots where you have to designate the required files. Select browse and select each file it needs. Run the emulator, exit.....then go back to controller setup, then run the game again. It should work fine from now on!

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