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Scores Missing in Tsunami-Like Flood in Australia

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Seems this happened in a town called Toowoomba and was next suppose to cause flooding in Brisbane. They got a shit load of rain I guess like 6 inches in a hour. So any one know how far Robert lives from this?




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It seems the coasts of Australia are being hammered by different storms and cyclones. Seems the only place safe is in the middle. Feel for them know what mass flooding can do to experiencing it myself.

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Toowoomba is about 100 miles west of Brisbane, up on the mountains, with a population of about 90,000. A sudden storm and large amounts of rain caused a "tsunami"-like effect washing away cars and whatever right in the central shopping district of the town. 10 killed, including the case of a 13-year-old boy who asked that his 4-year-old brother be saved first. But before more help could arrive, the 13-year-old and his mother were drowned.


The water then came down the mountains into an area known as the Lockyer valley, devastating town after town and killing more people. Some of the towns are completely destroyed.


After that, the water entered the area of the Brisbane and Bremmer rivers. The Bremmer runs through Ipswich, a major town, and reached a depth of 20 metres, flooding 2/3rds of the town. The Bremmer then joins the Brisbane river and all of that came to Brisbane, the capital city of Queensland. 20,000 homes flooded, billions of $ of damage, and the water hasn't gone away yet, just dropping slowly over the next few days.


Over the previous month, most parts of Queensland were flooded to some degree. An area larger than France and Germany combined was under water. A lot of this is still around.


Floods also occured in Western Victoria, Eastern South-Australia, and Tasmania in the last few days.


I live in a safe area, nice sunny weather here.

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Good for you man. Good for you. I've been watching BBC World quite a bit these past few weeks or so, and seeing that devastation is quite heartbreaking. I live in a country that doesn't really get hit with any natural disasters to speak of, and the "floods" some parts of the country get are minuscule in comparison.


In other news, Rio de Janeiro. Not good.

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That is over 2000km north of me, just a heatwave here.. :)


Cyclone passed over the coast at Mission Beach and Tully, and heading toward Georgetown about 400km inland, where it will still be a category 2 there. Most areas report less than expected amounts of damage, although there is no word yet from Tully or Cardwell (the next town south). Most areas from Townsville to Cairns were blacked out.


The eye of the cyclone was 35km wide.


We will hear more during today, it is 8:12am atm.

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