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Couldn't sleep, got bored...


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Ok so it's late, I got bored...and a seriously lacking feature in 7zip was pissing me off to no end. I didn't want to use WinRAR, as the space savings on what I was trying to pack was considerably more in the end with 7zip.


It didn't help that NOBODY had a simple, or working if it was simple(Found several that claimed to work, and didn't), solution to my problem. I wasn't installing Auto-Hotkey for this...nuh uh.


I took this thing beyond just zipping files up individually...like i said, I was bored!


It asks for input fr the file extension you want (Just TXT for instance, don't type *.TXT).

It REFUSES to continue if it finds no files matching the extension you input, going back to the start and asking again.

It allows(asks) you to input commonly used command line parameters for 7-Zip compression settings.


Make sure to change the path inside the file to match where 7-Zip is for you. Use it in the folder where your files are to be packed.

If you pass an incorrect value in the 7-Zip parameters, it WILL get used, so watch what you enter as I didn't put any checks or restrictions on them.


P.S. It's green cause I said so!

P.S.S. No I didn't write up any input/output path options...I'm not THAT lazy.



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