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WMA TO XMV converter for xbox vids..


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Here is an upload of mines for a special app for converting wmv video files to xmv video files.

basically the xbox format for video files is xmv.just unrar the folder on your pc and you are ready to go.


video preview uses.

basically if you have the unleashx dashboard then this will actually play preview videos of your games when you are selecting a title on your dashboard.


second of all most of the emulators on xbox play preview videos now as well,including


final burn legends




medafenx-pce/nes/lynx.......infact all the updated xport emulators by madmab play preview videos.


you can of course download all the ressurectionx vids from torrents and also the coinops vids are available.

but you can always make your own if you wish with this app.




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