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some xbox icons for you :)


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Here is some xbox icons for you,


I made the coinops mame and golden axe remake myself, I chose golden axe remake cause it is one of the best bor games that you can get on xbox.



Also I added some 2 icon's that I altered, I believe the original author for the neogeo and gameboy was "xboxer!" from xbox scene , I changed the backgrounds so they aren't transparent.


I added the neogenesis icon, and changed font to say megadrive because some people in eu and jap prefer to call it megadrive :)



here is icons, maybe someone will like to use them.


coinops mame



golden axe remake (really good arcade mod)



neogenesis (changed text to say Megadrive)



neogeo pocket



gameboy consoles





just rename them to default.tbn and put into the emulator folder if you want to use



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