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I have given up on trying to run rotd on kawa-x +


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I have renamed the files to what they were supposed to be name 254-c1.bin etc

Just like it said to rename them in the "screens " folder in the kawa-x plus program. But the game won't even show up on the games list under neogeo, let alone let me play it.I got the PandM files for rotd from the PandM folder and placd them with the other game files.In the process replacing the previous 254-p1.bin,254-p2.bin,254m1.bin files.

I zipped up all the files after renaming them and named the zip file rotdndp.zip

Then installed it into my xbox HDD in the roms folder for Kawa-x Plus.

But the game still won't run. So to hell with it i give up.

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well you said it dont show up.......so did you hit X to rescan roms?


also when you zipped up your game did you highlight the roms then zip it.......or did you zip a folder with the roms?


you should always zip the files not a folder with files.


also you can delete the savedata in Tdata folder.

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