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PS1 games that would be good in coinops..

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Bloody Roar.... ps1 was the first time i ever played it... loved it then.... still love it now.



(not as much as streefighter thou) lol



OH and Syphon filter... also Jet Moto X with the hover bikes.... played that for hours...

there is just something about 32bit 3d fighters that i dont like,well i know what is it is the grainy looking polygons.but they got it right on tekken 3 on ps1.



I think it was more because it was something different... Its a bit like todays games... most on PS3 or xbox 360 Look fantastic, however they play like wooden spinning top from 1960... rubbish lol


a lot of games look awful on ps1 but play great. I like syphon filter, irts a poor mans metalgear but great in its own right.


But saying that bloody roar and other 3d fighters do look poor indeed :)

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