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hey guys, right now in my xbox i have a 320gb hdd with all of the extra space on my f drive. i was thinking about setting aside a few gigs and repartitioning it to have a small g drive to run linux natively. is there any version that someone could see as the fastest, or most flexible in terms of adding programs? something that is fairly recent in terms of being updated would be nice, but if it works good, i guess its not necessary. i have a 1.4ghz cpu and 128mb of ram so would also be looking for one that would utilize those. so far i have only used x-dsl but thought it was good in the past.

once i choose a version to use, any suggestions on how much space to give? i wont be putting too much else on there than the OS and a few programs. i have heard using swap files can help speed linux up as well. what size though i have no idea.

thanks for the help!

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xdsl is the way to go. Look on x-s for a post by idotsfan. called xdsl remake


here is a link. With this release it reads 32k and 64k custom partitions as well as it can make partitions and launch off them outside f or G which would be hda57 and hda58 respectively.


look for the xdsl0.71 or 72 zip. It is a frugal install of the latest linux 2.4 kernel "2.4.39" Google xdsl it has a wiki and instructions for install. Or hit me up and I will walk you thru if needed.



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