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[HELP] Kawa-X PLUS problem with Mslug4


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Hi guys, this is my first post but I often read this forum.

I think that the possibility to replay our dearest games on xbox is wonderfull!

I heard about the Kawa-X on this forum for the first time, so now I'm here to purge out my head about a little doubt floating around recently.


Now, with a little downloading work, I have the Kawa-X with all CPS1/CPS2/NEOGEO roms. It all works fine! :o


I'm working on Kawa-X PLUS to use it with the newest sets of roms (mslug4, kof 2002, rotd, matrimelee, svc plus), following the Kawa-X PLUS instruction in the homepage and a little work, now I have Kawa-X PLUS able to emulate KOF2K2ND, ROTDNDP, MATRI and SVCCHA, but I can't get MSLUG4 to work! :)


To solve this problem I downloaded various sets of mslug4 roms.

Some sets are about 30MB and some sets are 60MB.

I think the 30MB sets are the decrypted roms and the 60MB sets are the encrypted roms. If I understand well the Kawa-X Plus uses the decrypted set of roms.


My real problem is that seems that the Kawa-X PLUS need 8 C roms (from 251-c1p.bin to 251-c8p.bin) but in all the romsets i downladed (both 30MB sets and 60MB sets) there are only 6 C roms (form 251-c1p.bin to 251-c6p.bin), so it seems i need the last 2 C roms (251-c7p.bin and 251-c8p.bin).


Probably I have the wrong romsets, the 30MB romsets works on NRX and the 60MB sets works fine with MAME, so this romsets are both complete cause all works fine with this emulators. This means that there must be another sets of roms used exclusivly with Kawaks!?

Anyone can tell me which is the right romset to work with Kawa-X PLUS? How many MB?


I want to burn Kawa-X (with all working roms) and Kawa-X Plus (with this new romset) on DVD to use it with the Xbox, but I can't burn it untill I have mslug4 working, surely you all can understand me! :P


Please HELP! :P

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If I remember well I simply renamed the roms following the Kawa-X PLUS instructions. The Kof2k2nd.zip roms needs to be renamed as kof2k1.zip roms and svccha.zip roms needs to be renamed as garou.zip roms. Then you need to replace the p and m roms with the ones in the Kawa-X PLUS Package.


:P It's not much but I hope this will help you out! :P


I had a lot of luck with all the new "banned" romsets, only Mslug4 give me the above problem! :)

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If you goto the site where kawa-x plus is there is a mslug4 patch........


it only requires you to have 6 c roms and you rename to match rbff2.



Look on the left bar there is a patch for mslug4 and cthd2003


try the patch out, follow the instructions and then let us know if it worked for you.


use ppfomatic 3 to apply the patch.

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Thanks a lot N3oGhost for all your work on Kawa-X Plus!!!


Yes, I admit I had a look at that patch only in the last hour :P

Good work!

I just applied both the two patches.


Now I have all the c roms but checking them with winrar it seems my c5 and c6 roms have wrong CRC values. All the other roms are CRC ok!


It seems I still need the last two c roms, I will continue downloading mslug romsets untill I will find the right romset! :) OR if anyone want to post me this last two roms (c5 and c6) please PM me! :P:o


Thanks again N3oGhost for your work! :)

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Hey I solved the Mslug4 problem!!! :P


Using the NRX romset I have the c5 and c6 roms about 4MB but they need to be about 8MB according with the Kawa-X Plus directory snapshots, so I doubled their dimension and now the game works fine with all the graphic correct!

NOTE: now that I doubled this roms the CRC are right too!


Metal Slug 4 is really awesome on xbox!


Now I'm on CTHD2003!


Aloha! :)

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Yes, N3oGhost tell the truth, this is the best way to get it work.

Use a prog like PPF-O-Matic to patch the default.xbe of Kawa-X PLUS.

Then in the romset I downloaded I had two 4MB C5 and C6 roms instead of 8MB. Actually Kawa-X Plus need them 8MB. Thats way I tried to duble the size, and thanks God it worked very well!


Double their dimension is really easy:


go to the Windows "Command Prompt" and type:


copy /b FILE1+FILE1 FILE1.doubled


Where FILE1 is the actual name of your c5 or c6 rom, and the ".doubled" is just a way to recognize the new doubled file created when you hit the "Enter" key.


Aloha! <_<

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