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Soldering skills in the UK for pad hacking

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Hey guys,


I am looking for someone with soldering skills to hack some xbox pads for me.


OBVIOUSLY I will pay for the service and send the pads and pay the postage.


I just need each wire about 6 inches long and labeled UP,DOWN,LEFT,RIGHT,A,B,X,Y,L,R


I will then add a block connector and extend the wires.....




If anyone is interested please rely or PM me and we can arrange something.


I have posted some links below but dont have a steady hand to solder. (I have a soldering iron but failed) lol










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Hey Guys,


You should review these two pages before doing anything:






I did this mod with a DB-15 cable and it works great. Last winter I modded NES, SNES, 2600, GENESIS, etc using this method. I even went as far as to do up a controller using a DB-25 cable so I could mod a N64 and 5200 controller to work fully with the Xbox.


Here is a post with a few picts I did a few years ago: http://forums.xbox-scene.com/index.php?sho...amp;pid=4474043


Its pretty easy as long as you take your time. Good luck!

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You could use this with a cab setup pretty easily I think. All your really doing is piggy backing the signal of the original Xbox controller. What you could do is make a DB-15 port on your cab and just keep the controller inside. Then you could plug in your modified NES, Genesis, whatever controller into it.

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