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Watching your ex girls demise is not as rewarding as you think.


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cheers guys - I have a much better perspective of my options and feelings over this.

Somebody/ No fella dont work like that here all you can do is report her to social services and that would be another kid taken off her - she would be dead meat then for sure then i might as well nail the final pin into the coffin my self.

Im a bastard but im not a super bastard... :clapping:


This girl is screwed one way or another - but she does need therapy medication and to completely pack the drugs in.

Abstinence. Hell I had to see a shrink 5 times before and i was considered "normal" but only with mild dis-social traits ; )

I cant be a knight in shining armour again.

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I think you should just let go of what she does with herself. If she gets any worse, and forgive me if I sound insensitive, she's going to end up behind bars or dead. You should prepare for that possibility if one of the child is yours? I forget if one of them was yours or not but its a thought if true.

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