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Some new Skin and Animation code added..... the prelims ported for a new GUI

SEND ANY MOCKUPS VIA PM ... the engine is more powerfull now im looking to update the look ^_^


Killer Instinct 1 and Killer Instinct 2 now launchable is SD and HD

NEED SOURCES TO DO CORES ... after them now as im ready to get it intergrated


ill add in N64 and FBA stuff this weekend and launchers...then i can just do a core every week but the launcher will be finalised to launch over 13000 games from nearly all the big name arcades and consoles and hand helds...

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OK no GUI submissions...only hyperspin and other front end....ill be deciding on a way forward this week....its now cap of doing some tricker stuff like hyperspiny kind of thing....


will take alot of work to set up as all titles etc need to be done



Any Submissions please PM its getting close to me deciding by myself...as usual was alot of talk and very little help....


Also need the sources of killer instinct so I do a proper sd/hd core for 1 and 2

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cheers :) I worked with gogo on KI-XXX is it still the best version I dont use any really?


sources for KI-XXX dont compile can anone get this going or do I need other files?

Outside of the UI, I don't think there are any major differences between versions. KI-XXX I think had some kind of option to turn off backgrounds in KI2 for a speed increase but I never used it. Always preferred the original lantus version. Likklebaers build is based on this but I think the only difference there is she got it running from DVD as well as HDD. So I guess if you want CoinOPs to run from disc you should use Likklebaer's version.

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Looking at monitor rotational features a bit at present .... to sort a way forward.



I have been observing a few forums (there has been an unsual amount of threads with CoinOPS in the titles on a few forums and also an unusual amount of PMs) of late and all I say is the people that say they can help you offer you nothing....simple fixs are now no longer availble and simple solutions are lost in xmls etc because people told you guys it cant be done. SHAME ON THEM

I have seen people say what I do is simple and they know cause they code yet the simplist of things they want help on..... SHAME ON THEM

and the new people that want help are now left dangling in the wind and the old people that used to support them grow tired of the people complaining and acting like children..... SHAME ON THEM


these people can be observed on any CoinOPS thread....that is locked down.....you guys ask alot of questions but CBA, neil and iceman are the main reason I havent replied to any of your guys PMs sorry they offer you no help but they have set things back alot and they believe CoinOPS isnt what you guys want....


GOOD LUCK guys sorry I cant be bothered with simple questions but I do take note and might fix or alter new builds accordingly.....open discussion has been closed down by CBA, neil and iceman ... if someone setups up a kill any user feature or something like that ill continue support if not...ill just observe and wonder why you guys let them do this to you guys....all I can do is smile at I dont knows or misinformations as ive said many times in all the locked threads that it would go this way....


Peace onwards we all march....

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