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What sata to ide converter do you use?


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Figured 1tb would do it.


Just could not verify it myself.


I will always post as an opinion if I have not done the mod myself or I will indicate it is something that I have read but cant personally confirm.


I was pretty sure it would work but could not recall ever making a softmod bigger than 750 or reading where someone decided to go the softmod route with this size drive instead.


I knew 32k was xboxhdm's limit so logically 1tb should be its upper limit size wise.


I can confirm up to 2tb working on tsop or modchip


I can confirm up to 4tb working on cromwell side


You can confirm up to 1tb working on a softmod



Thinking about it may be possible to increase on the 1tb on a softmod. If you built it incorrectly with xboxhdm you might be able to go back and try xbpartitioner. It may or may not work. It will throw a warning on xb load if it will not. Somebody could try that if they wanted. I dont know if retail bios are patched to read custom partitions or not I don't think they are. Xbpartitioner will know. Someone else might know. I always run hacked I dont like retail bios or locked hdds they are a pain. I also try to avoid a 1.6 like the plague. The overscan on it blows on linux and it can't take any extra ram. TSOP flash takes like 2 min. no reason not to flash it unless it is a 1.6 and if thats the case a duox2 runs like 12 bucks to make it happen.


That being said if I had to guess I would say 1tb is the limit but I could be wrong. You might be able to do something like I described above.


2tb's will be the absolute limit on any bios besides cromwell until C or E can be expanded or a another partition is patched in. 64k's limit is 1024gigs a partition.


With linux ext3 has a limit of 2tb's and you could ditch the dvd drive and hook up two hdd's with linux so that is 4tb total you can hook up it may be possible to somehow make more partitions with linux and increase this size if hdd sizes get any bigger than they are now.

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