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Double Dragon boot problem!


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I can't find any kind of reset, soft or hard, on NRX, so that one's out, unless I'm missing something. I shall look for the readme, it'll have all the info on stuff like that...


I don't think Agozer's misunderstood the situation, and you're right, there are .brmc files in the HISCORES directory, but... What exactly should I do with them?


As it's only Double Dragon which has this problem, it's occurred to me to just download the rom from elsewhere, but I've not yet found one that works. This is probably a coincidence though, as I generally use the same couple sites; they probably all share the same broken roms...


Sorry if I'm not giving enough details or something, feel free to ask me to be more specific and I'll try with my limited computerspeak. >_>

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Well, if you've found memory related files for Double Dragon, delete them. Basically get rid of anything with doubledr in it's filename, except for the rom itself of course. That would in theory reset the game to it's factory settings for the next time you run it. If that doesn't work then it's the rom I suppose. It just seems to be an odd error for an incompatible rom. Usually they just won't run when the rom doesn't match what the emulator wants.

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IIRC, F10 or F11 is what'll soft-reset the machine or then just pushing F1 to enter the Test menu and come back. Of course, the only way to get rid of dipswitch settings is to delete the Hiscore file. Presumably anyway. It's been so long since I've used NRX, so that the specifics start to be a blur. As general advice, you should really start moving on from NRX and switch to something more current. FBA and Kawaks are the easiest to work with, but the downside is that most (if not all) romsets that worked in NRX do not work "as is" in these newer emulators. As expected, most romsets designed to work for these newer emulators also won't boot and run in NeoRAGEx either.


All Neo-Geo games released in 1999 and later, starting with Garou, need non-decrypted romsets and have to be patched/hacked in order to run on NRX.



Post the contents you your Double Dragon romset, if only just for kicks.

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Yeah, I'd never been concerned about "keeping up to date" with emulations of defunct consoles. Guess I assumed there weren't any improvements to make! D'oh. *Going to start topic: Are My Emulators Out of Date?*


Anyhow, the Double Dragon romset contains:















So yeah, F1 is soft reset, and it just takes me back to the crosshatch screen. I know I'd have to download all new roms if I got a new emulator, but it's worth it, right? I mean, presumably these other ones can run everything NRX can and more.


...Come to think of it, Garou and even Fatal Fury 3 did always freeze at the character endings, but I just rolled with it... :/

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Kawaks will run all NeoGeo games and CPS1/2 games. So if you're only interested in NeoGeo, that might be a good option to keep things simple. If you're interested in other arcade systems, FBA will run a large selection of the more modern arcade games, including all the NeoGeos, MAME will run everything.

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What version of NeoRAGEx are you even running? Official development stopped with 0.6c IIRC; but since then there have been quite a few unofficial builds that added more games to the gamelist and introduced some additional fixes. The latest and last one is 5.4e or something like that.

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Yeah, 5.4 is the latest I can find mention of when I search, but I can't seem to get an actual working download of it. I was gonna try loading my copy of Double Dragon in it to see if I could recreate the problem. If you ask me all signs are pointing to a switch of emulator. Worth it I think coz Double Dragon is a good game, and you'll be able to get Garou and Fatal Fury 3 working easily too.


Edit: My 900th post. Only 100 more to Ultra Member. Booya. Not quite like Agozer's 19000 posts though.

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Will 5.4 run Double Dragon and Garou then, you think?


I think I'd rather stick to NeoRage than get a whole new kind of emulator. The only thing I'd get for MAME other than Neo Geo games would be that four player X-Men beat 'em up. Not really worth it?


(Plus I heard MAME is relatively complex)


EDIT: Downloaded 5.4 from your site, it just wouldn't run. So I got 5.2, which is clearly more recent than the one I've been using, but Double Dragon suffers from the exact same problem, and it distorts the graphics of games which previously worked fine. I think I need to start again from the beginning... >_<

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Like I said earlier, if there something wrong with the set, switching to another version of the same emulator never helps. The fact remains that NRX is more basically a relic that uses obscure and non-standard sets in order to get things rolling. It was the biggest thing since sliced bread when it first came out in 1999, and indeed emulated the arcade machine and console with unprecedented accuracy and compatibility. But that was 11 years ago. Seriously.


We've tried to coax you into switching to more recent and better emulators, and overhaul your romsets to the accepted "standard" in the process. Yes, MAME can be relatively complex, but complexity is often subjective when it comes to emulators. FBA and Kawaks are less complex, but again, everything is subjective. Besides, nothing should prevent you from fiddling out with their respective options and trying to grasp the chances they make and why. It's not like these emulators will cause your computer to implode if you happen to check the wrong box.


Besides, we're here to help people like you, so if you don't understand what a particular options does or why the emulator behaves the way it does, ask us. Personally, I haven't been here for seven years just to show off my trolling skills and stiff posture, you know.

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Yeah, like I said, I'm more than willing to download a new emulator if I'm sure it'll do everything the old one did.


So let me get this straight... MAME is an arcade emulator, so... I could play the entire library of arcade versions of Neo Geo games on it?


To be honest, the ability to choose 'console' or 'arcade' modes was one of the biggest draws of NRX for me. I dunno, just something that appealed to me.


Yeah folks, just come right out and tell me exactly what I need to play Neo Geo games, if you will. =] Am I to understand all the Neo Geo roms I have are effectively useless now then, because they were 'made' for NRX? I understand if the board has a policy on linking, but any direction to where I can get workable roms for whatever new emulator I should get would be appreciated.


(I appreciate you guys' time, and apologise in advance for the fact that I'll always be a question asker, not a problem solver, when it comes to emulation. :thumbsup1:)

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