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  1. Didja miss all the town-building from the first game?
  2. ...But you brought it up! >_> Or do you mean Actraiser...? Well, I guess I'll check out Z***S 1.51!
  3. ...Can ZSNES 1.51 run Actraiser 2? :3 Cheers for the NEStopia rec, shall check it out. Something that always annoyed me about FCE was the inability to frameskip, so here's hoping...!
  4. Folks might've noticed by my first couple posts that I'm not exactly "up to date" with my emulation. Well, having finally gotten on the MAME and Kega Fusion boat, I was wondering if anyone could tell me what to use for NES and SNES? If only for laughs, I guess I may as well say what I've been using thus far (I guess I'd be comfier with ones similar to these, but hey, I'm willing to learn)... FCE Ultra 0.98.12 ZSNES v1.42 ...Yes, I realise they're like five years old. :3 To be honest, I'd been noticing problems with my ZSNES from the beginning, from roms freezing to some just not working no matter where I downloaded them from (Actraiser 2 haunts me to this day).
  5. Thanks a lot both, it seems to be working just fine now! And to think I actually spent ten quid on the PS1 version of Darkstalkers 3, when I could've gotten the arcade version for free. Xo
  6. I apologise profusely for the double post, I'd delete the previous one if I could work out how, but I figured simply editing that one wouldn't show up as "new" on the board and my question wouldn't be answered! =/ Please advise as to proper procedure if I run into this again. Anyhow, I now have a reasonable question about Kega Fusion: how can I change the default rom path? Whenever I choose to load a rom, it takes me to my "Kega Fusion folder", which contains separate folders for Mega Drive and Master System / Game Gear. I know it's an incredibly tiny thing, but it'd just speed up my play if choosing "Load Master System Rom" took me straight to my Master System / Game Gear folder. I managed to alter the paths for the save states so they save to and load from the aforementioned folders, but loading the roms themselves doesn't seem to have the same option. Is this doable...?
  7. Cheers, so I downloaded Kawaks and spectacularly, Double Dragon works. EXCEPT For some reason, the screen is covered in regular thin horizontal black lines. At first I just thought it was to recreate the authentic 90s arcade experience from my childhood, but it persisted in 'console mode' and on every other game. Is this a problem with video settings, or the fact I downloaded v1.59, and there's been four hundred updates since then? >_>
  8. Yeah, like I said, I'm more than willing to download a new emulator if I'm sure it'll do everything the old one did. So let me get this straight... MAME is an arcade emulator, so... I could play the entire library of arcade versions of Neo Geo games on it? To be honest, the ability to choose 'console' or 'arcade' modes was one of the biggest draws of NRX for me. I dunno, just something that appealed to me. Yeah folks, just come right out and tell me exactly what I need to play Neo Geo games, if you will. =] Am I to understand all the Neo Geo roms I have are effectively useless now then, because they were 'made' for NRX? I understand if the board has a policy on linking, but any direction to where I can get workable roms for whatever new emulator I should get would be appreciated. (I appreciate you guys' time, and apologise in advance for the fact that I'll always be a question asker, not a problem solver, when it comes to emulation. )
  9. Well, Fusion seems great, and I'm amazed it can run so many different consoles *and* load my old Gens save states, buuuut.... One question. And it's an easy one. How the heck do I configure the buttons?? I don't see any joypad option anywhere! I know, it's probably right under my nose. EDIT: Found it. =p
  10. Will 5.4 run Double Dragon and Garou then, you think? I think I'd rather stick to NeoRage than get a whole new kind of emulator. The only thing I'd get for MAME other than Neo Geo games would be that four player X-Men beat 'em up. Not really worth it? (Plus I heard MAME is relatively complex) EDIT: Downloaded 5.4 from your site, it just wouldn't run. So I got 5.2, which is clearly more recent than the one I've been using, but Double Dragon suffers from the exact same problem, and it distorts the graphics of games which previously worked fine. I think I need to start again from the beginning... >_<
  11. Yeah, I'd never been concerned about "keeping up to date" with emulations of defunct consoles. Guess I assumed there weren't any improvements to make! D'oh. *Going to start topic: Are My Emulators Out of Date?* Anyhow, the Double Dragon romset contains: ddrag_c1.rom ddrag_c2.rom ddrag_c3.rom ddrag_c4.rom ddrag_c5.rom ddrag_c6.rom ddrag_c7.rom ddrag_c8.rom ddrag_m1.rom ddrag_p1.rom ddrag_s1.rom ddrag_v1.rom ddrag_v2.rom So yeah, F1 is soft reset, and it just takes me back to the crosshatch screen. I know I'd have to download all new roms if I got a new emulator, but it's worth it, right? I mean, presumably these other ones can run everything NRX can and more. ...Come to think of it, Garou and even Fatal Fury 3 did always freeze at the character endings, but I just rolled with it... :/
  12. Ta! That's one console working flawlessly for me at least.
  13. I can't find any kind of reset, soft or hard, on NRX, so that one's out, unless I'm missing something. I shall look for the readme, it'll have all the info on stuff like that... I don't think Agozer's misunderstood the situation, and you're right, there are .brmc files in the HISCORES directory, but... What exactly should I do with them? As it's only Double Dragon which has this problem, it's occurred to me to just download the rom from elsewhere, but I've not yet found one that works. This is probably a coincidence though, as I generally use the same couple sites; they probably all share the same broken roms... Sorry if I'm not giving enough details or something, feel free to ask me to be more specific and I'll try with my limited computerspeak. >_>
  14. Cheers Mr. Drake, you've helped a bunch already! I tried to get into the dipswitches, but again it gives me the same grid. Seems you have to actually run a rom before you can alter its dispswitches, and obviously I can't run it... ...Should I get a different emulator?
  15. Sorry, this is where the language barrier comes up. Dipswitch settings? NeoRAGEx has a menu called Machine Settings, under which are Language, System (Arcade / Console), MVS Settings, and Freeplay. Turning MVS Settings on before loading a game takes me to an arcade-owner-style debug menu where I can alter the game speed, difficulty, number of credits per quarter, and the like. Are those the dipswitches? :/ Yes, I am what is known as a noob. Otherwise, I opened up the game's folder, but couldn't find anything like an "nvram file". Is that a file ending in .nvram, or somesuch...? Cheers again folks, especially for your patience!
  16. Wow thanks folks, Kega Fusion runs perfectly! Just one concern: are my old Gens save states useless now? Or is there some simple way I can modify the filenames or something so they work with Fusion? Not a big issue or anything, I just wonder. Cheers again!! EDIT: Figured out how to load my old states, but I can't "quick load / save" them. Little help? Do I have to change the filename or something?
  17. I'm using NeoRAGEx, sorry should've mentioned that. It detects that the Double Dragon rom is there, but upon loading it just displays a grid pattern. Pressing Start causes it to change to a display of primary coloured squares. Pressing Start again causes it to change to what appears to be a sound test (I can highlight scrambled words, and hear character voices), again gives me a "clock set" screen (which instantly resets if I try to set it), and then back to the grid with another push of Start. It almost seems like I'm trapped in some sort of "debug" mode, you know what I mean? If the files I have are somehow wrong, well... Is it against forum rules to link directly to roms? :/ I'd just appreciate any help you guys can give, hope I answered your questions right. Feel free to bash me if I didn't.
  18. This is only my second post here and it feels like I should apologise for it, too, 'cos I just know it'll turn out this is a problem with my screen or something rather than the emulator. But hey, any help you guys can give is appreciated (I'm not computer savvy at ALL). I first downloaded Gens on XP, and it worked perfectly, but I was recently tricked into getting a new laptop with Vista. Don't get me wrong, the transparency effects that take half and hour to load are wonderful, but now Gens displays a mess of purple and green when I load a game. I can make out the graphics; they're just blurred and miscoloured to unplayable levels. I tried downloading the latest version I could find on my Vista laptop, but the problem remained. Like I say, I'm sure this has something to do with "screen resolution" or whathaveyou, but I don't actually know what that is... :3
  19. Hi folks, I better preface this debut post with an apology, 'cos I've seen that almost the exact same question has been asked before. But the answers to that question used terminology that I don't at all understand, and I didn't want to hijack a previous topic, so... Much like the other poster who was greeted by a neverending cycle of "crosshatch screen, coloured squares, sound test, set clock, crosshatch screen..." upon booting SvC Chaos, I'm unable to play Double Dragon for the exact same reason (except I'm on Windows, rather than a Mac). It recognises that the rom is there, I guess, and it's the only one of my many NG roms that doesn't work! So I'm pretty stumped. And like I said, I'm afraid I have no idea what "bios" or "kawaks" or "mame" are, but I'm willing to learn.
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